John Singleton's son launches GoFundMe page to pay college tuition after dad cuts him off

In a case of some serious tough love with bad timing, Maasai Mohandas Singleton’s famous film director father, John Singleton, has apparently cut him off financially, and just a little while before his expected college graduation. So, Maasai had taken to GoFundMe to ask the rest of us to help him scrape together enough tuition to finish college.

Maasai explained that the news came too late for him to apply for much financial aid, saying, “with only one month before my final semester, my father has informed me that he won’t be helping me with tuition. The timing of this information is such that I’m not able to apply for many financial aid options that would otherwise be available.”

“I’ve met with the financial aid office, and even with loans, I simply won’t be able to make up for the nearly $30,000 due this semester to cover the final 20 units that I need to graduate. Tuition is due in just three weeks,” he continued.

On the page, Maasai also explained he was unable to get a Sallie Mae student loan because he does not have a credit history of his own, and he was unable to apply without a co-signer.

Maasai, therefore, is reaching out to the masses hoping to get enough money together in order to graduate from the University of Southern California’s Writing for Screen and Television program.