Georgia Department of Education official fired after racist Facebook posts

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A top Department of Education official in Georgia has been fired after posting controversial Facebook posts to his personal account that many have deemed discriminatory.

Jeremy Spencer, who was the Associate Superintendent of Virtual Instruction for the Georgia Department of Education, made a series of posts in which he shared post from right-wing sites concerning political and social, reports 11Alive.

In one post, he made a joke about gay people and poles, and in another, he suggested that the United States could not compete with the Finnish education system because the student body was not all-white in the United States as it is in Finland.

“If I read one more thing about the Finland education system….not everybody in the US public schools are WHITE,” Spencer said in the most recent of the Facebook posts.

“He (Spencer) doesn’t think Georgia students can compete with students in other countries because we have non-white students here. That is a vile and racist thought and he should not be in charge of creating curriculum in Georgia,” said Better Georgia Executive Director Bryan Long.  “What’s important to know is this wasn’t one wrong post. This wasn’t one mistake. This was a toxic stream of racist posts and bigoted posts and anti-Muslim posts and anti-gay posts going back months.”

Spencer posted a political cartoon that features President Obama, and a “friend” of his commented with a photo of a lynching. The photo remained in Spencer’s comments until he was recently contacted by media, reports Better Georgia.