Stacey Dash says Morgan Freeman agrees with her views on Black History Month

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Stacey Dash is clapping back at her haters in a blog post called “Twitter Haters, When Do I Get My Apology for Agreeing with Morgan Freeman about #BlackHistoryMonth?” in which she claims that Freeman shares her views on Black History Month.

“When I spoke out on Fox News and on my blog about the need to get rid of BET and Black History Month, all the same usual Twitter haters came out of the woodwork to troll me and say all sorts of disgusting things about me,” Dash wrote. “Well, if you’re going to call me ignorant, stupid, and an Uncle Tom, you need to be intellectually honest and also call out Morgan Freeman.”

She included in her post a clip of a 60 Minutes interview with Freeman from 2006 in which he responded to a question about his feelings on Black History Month by saying, “Ridiculous. You’re going to relegate my history to a month?”

“Damn straight, Morgan Freeman! Preach it!” Dash wrote. “It’s time we decide as a society whether we want to care about race or not. Like Morgan Freeman says, there is no White History Month and there should be no Black History Month. Black history is American history.”