Memphis man killed in police shooting after car chase

A Memphis man killed during a police-involved shooting after running from police.

According to police, the man, Jonathan Bratcher, was one of two men who had run away from a Chevy Impala after it crashed into another car during a police chase. The two men reportedly refused to pull over after for a police traffic stop, reports WMC.

Police say that one of the two men shot at them while fleeing on foot, so they returned fire. Bratcher was shot and killed, and police are still looking for the second man, who was able to escape the authorities. A witness who saw the car crash before the foot chase attested that she did hear gunshots, saying that she heard two bursts of around 20 shots total, reports Fox13.

Friends and family gathered after Bratcher’s death and insisted that Bratcher would never carry a firearm.

City officials said that the incident is being reviewed. One of the officers was wearing a body camera at the time, but it was turned off after the shooting. It was not immediately clear why the camera was switched off.

Black Lives Matter activists have already taken to Twitter to ask that more information be released concerning Bratcher’s death and the events that led up to it.