Stacey Dash responds to backlash, explains Black History Month comments

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Stacey Dash has been under fire recently for making the comment that she did not support Black History Month and that she felt the month, along with other black-only spaces such as BET and the BET Awards, followed a segregated mindset.

However, she has recently clarified those comments, saying that she wanted black history to be part of every month and not just one month a year.

“I’m not saying we as black people deserve LESS respect.  I’m saying we deserve MORE,” Dash wrote on her blog. “Black History should be a part of social studies and history curriculum EVERYDAY OF EVERY MONTH OF EVERY YEAR.”

She then continued, “Black history IS American history.  We are not a category or a special interest group.  We are Americans.”

“Our accomplishments cannot be limited to 28 days,” she added. “Do not listen to liberals who try to limit you, to put you into a box, to tell you that you MUST believe one way or another, that you cannot think for yourselves, and that the government can ‘give’ you a ‘special month.'”

Dash went on to encourage her readers to stop settling for “breadcrumbs” and to “eat of the wonderful, rich food this nation offers.”