It’s been 20 years since Moesha debuted on TV and rocked the lives of both its audience and its star, Brandy.

Now, looking back, Brandy says she wants to revisit the loose ends that the show left hanging when it ended in 2001.

“I think for young black girls to grow up through her journey and through her eyes and to see a young black girl with braids in her hair, it leaves the legacy of possibility,” she told Entertainment Tonight of the legacy she sees in the show.

However, despite the show’s resounding success, it was cancelled early, with plot lines left hanging. We never did find out the resolution to Myles’ kidnapping or whether or not Moesha was pregnant, and Brandy would like answers, too.

“I was very, very disappointed with how the show ended,” Brandy said, noting that fans would often ask her questions. “I would really love to resolve that issue.”

Full House is coming back, right? [A Netflix reboot] would be awesome,” she added eagerly. “We could do, like, two episodes or something. I’m ready to go!”

During the interview, Brandy also talked about another famous role of hers that turns 20 next year: her part in Cinderella. Seems like Brandy is totally up for revisiting that world, too, only this time in a different role.

“That would be so amazing to experience being the Fairy Godmother,” she said of taking on the role Whitney Houston played. “I would try to channel Whitney the best way I could. But that would be a dream.”