Tank confesses sexual preferences in radio interview : 'I don't mind putting my legs up'

R&B singer Tank has everyone talking after revealing some of his sexual desires during an interview with 'The Breakfast Club'...

R&B singer Tank let it all hang out during an interview Tuesday on The Breakfast Club.

During his appearance, Tank took the opportunity to weigh on Amber Rose alleging that Kanye West used to let her stick her finger in his backside.

Tank revealed that he enjoys having women lick his butt.

“No utensils in the salad,” Tank said. “You gotta have your hands behind your back if you’re gonna rock with me, real bobbing for apples type [of thing]. I don’t mind putting my legs up, that’s okay. I don’t mind […] A tongue ain’t a finger. It’s just not.”

“I was a young man with an older woman” he recalled. “She put me on the things. I still remember the first time. I was 18 and she was 26. She was like, ‘I want to try something.'”

Jump to 15:30 to watch Tank talk about how he likes to get down in the bedroom.