50 Cent blames Diddy for murder of Tupac: 'he killed Tupac'

In a new documentary this spring, LAPD detective Greg Kading alleges what many have believed for some time about Tupac Shakur’s murder: Diddy did it.

Kading claims in Murder Rap that Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs hired a hit man to kill Tupac for $1 million and that Suge Knight paid $13,000 to have Biggie, Diddy’s best friend, killed.

While the claims are controversial, and rumors about Diddy’s role in Tupac’s death have long been floating around since the 90s, it looks like at least one person is on board: 50 Cent.

The rapper posted an image to Instagram that blamed Diddy for Tupac’s death along with this caption: “LMAO SO PUFFY WIT THE SH** HUN ? ? SEE YOU GOTTA WATCH THESE PUNKS,? SCARY A** NI**AS A TRY YOU. #nopuffyjuice he killed Tupac lol”