Chris Rock goes off about black women being dissed in Hollywood: 'It's a real problem'

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Chris Rock doesn’t have much sympathy when it comes to Jennifer Lawrence and her push for gender wage equality. Instead, he wants to focus more on the huge inequality faced by African-American actresses, who he says have it way worse than Lawrence does.

“I’ve never done a movie, any movie, the silliest movie, where someone, some studio person hasn’t gone, ‘Does the girl have to be Black?'” Rock told Essence Magazine for its March Hollywood Issue.

And even when black actresses get parts, Rock said, they are vastly underpaid.

“It happens every time. Black women get paid less than everybody in Hollywood,” he said. “Everybody’s talking about Jennifer Lawrence. Talk to Gabrielle Union. If you want to hear stories, talk to Nia Long. Talk to Kerry Washington.

“They would love to get to Jennifer Lawrence’s place, or just be treated with the same amount of respect.”

“Black women are the least represented on-screen,” Rock continued. “They just are. You can go see a lot of movies and there’s not one Black woman in there with, like, a real part. It’s a real, real, real problem.”

Rock also addressed the controversy surrounding the #OscarsSoWhite and the fact that he would be hosting the awards this year.

“I’m going to do my best,” he said. “It could go horribly wrong. Don’t ever think that it can’t. That’s when it goes wrong — when you don’t think there’s any chance of it going wrong.”