Black Lives Matter activist MarShawn McCarrel fatally shoots self in front of Ohio Statehouse

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A Black Lives Matter activist fatally shot himself Monday night on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse, according to a Columbus Dispatch report.

“My demons won today. I’m sorry,” MarShawn McCarrel allegedly posted on his Facebook page hours before killing himself.

His last tweet read, “Let the record show that I pissed on the state house before I left.”

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McCarrel, 23, was pronounced dead on the scene. There were no witnesses to the suicide, authorities told the Columbus Dispatch.

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In addition to his work as a Black Lives Matter activist, McCarrel worked with mentorship programs for youth and also launched a nonprofit group aimed at getting meals to the homeless.

“All everyone needs is love,” he told 614 Columbus in 2014 while speaking about the Feed the Streets nonprofit. “That’s a human being. That’s a pulse. We’re feeding everyone, we’re sending the message — today I got you; tomorrow, I could be right there.”

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The Pursuing Our Dreams Facebook page posted a message in McCarrell’s honor Monday. McCarrell started the organization in 2013:

We are saddened by the loss of founder of Pursuing Our Dreams. We never know what a person is going through RIP MarShawn

Posted by Pursuing Our Dreams POD on Monday, February 8, 2016