Sheila Patterson’s nerves got the better of her when she was on “Family Feud,” and the resulting video is the latest viral hit to sweep the Internet.

Patterson was supposed to come up with different ways that people say “mother,” but she just kept repeating words that had already been used or were already up on the board, to host Steve Harvey‘s growing disbelief and frustration.

Now, Patterson is telling “Good Morning America” just what was going through her mind at that moment.

“What had happened was, I had a moment there and I really think my nerves got the best of me. It just really got the best of me,” she said. “There were a couple of questions, answers that I had already prepared, but those answers were already given, so basically, my nerves just got the best of me trying to come up with something else.”

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Samuel Patterson, her brother, also joked that he was glad he didn’t get that question.

“I tell you, I was just thinking the whole time, ‘Man, I hope this question doesn’t come to me because I didn’t have another answer,’” he said. “But I had thought about the play, and I said, ‘Well, it looks like it’ll never get to me anyway,’ but I was hoping it wouldn’t come to me.”

Check out the family’s interview below.