A woman who authorities say shot a man and left his body outside her apartment has been arrested.

Michelle Chase is accused of shooting 50-year-old William Farr on Saturday. When his body was found the next day, there was an index card with the word “sorry” written on it.

Neighbor Florida Paul said that Farr was deaf and would sometimes knock on people’s doors. “He was a nice little guy. I didn’t know him that well. He couldn’t hear so he really couldn’t talk, he just made noises, strange noises,” Paul explained.

Paul also recalled one time that Farr showed up at her door bloody, with stab wounds on his face.

“All I saw was like 10 holes in his forehead, and blood gushing out, you could barely see his face,” she recalled. She said that she called 911 but did not open her door. “But I wouldn’t open my door, cause I didn’t know if whoever did that was behind him, and I’m on oxygen, I can’t fight,” she added.

According to arrest papers, Chase initially denied knowing anything about the shooting, but she eventually admitted that she shot Farr because he scared her when he came banging on her door.