Mother of Navy vet shot at 30 times by police begs for justice

Navy veteran India Kager was in the driver’s seat of her car when a SWAT team approached. Kager’s boyfriend, Angelo Perry, opened fire at the officers, who responded by shooting 30 rounds of bullets into the car.

Both Kager and Perry were killed, while Kager’s 4-month-old son Roman escaped unharmed because Kager shielded him with her body. The officers involved claimed not to have known that there was a baby in the car.

Now, six months later, Kager’s mother, Gina Best, is pleading for justice as the police have refused to release the names of the officers involved. “I had decided to keep my grief private and home. But today I have to record,” Best said in a now viral Facebook video. “I want the world to know what a mother goes through when your child is stolen and executed for no reason.”

Virginia Police Chief Jim Cervera said that the responding officers were trying to prevent more violence, as Perry was a suspected assailant in five area shootings, and police were acting on a tip that he was going to commit more crimes. Kager’s death was attributed to collateral damage.

“[Shooting India Kager] was accidental. It was not intended. But they were right on top of each other as he was firing his weapon at the officers,” Cervera said. “In essence, the officers put themselves in harm’s way to prevent another act of violence which was to be perpetrated in our city.”

But Best doesn’t accept that explanation. What’s more, she believes that the police had enough information to know there was a baby in the car and that they should have acted differently.

“They threw a grenade at her car. They fired 30 rounds. Who does that? How do you do that? 30 rounds? They executed my baby in less than 3 hours of her being in Virginia Beach,” she said.

“I won’t stop fighting for my baby. I won’t stop fighting for India. I won’t stop fighting for Roman. I won’t stop fighting for Evan. And I won’t stop fighting for Mr. Perry because he did not have due process of law.”

Check out the full clip below.

? #IndiaKager ? PLEASE WATCH MY 1st VIDEO. Prior to today, I've never recorded my CRUSHING pain and grief over the #execution of my beautiful 27 year old daughter, India by 4+ #VBPD #SWAT on 09-05-15. I'm TOTALLY #DEVASTATED and I STRUGGLE…EVERY…DAY. ALL of the #PoliceOfficers responsible need to be held #ACCOUNTABLE NOW!!#JusticeForIndiaKager #URLEIA #SayHerName #BabyInCar #NavyVet #GoneTooSoon #BlackLivesMatter #DOJ #FBI #VirginiaBeachPD #30ShotsFired #VirginiaBeachPoliceDepartment #CoverUp #FlashBangGrenade #ColinStolle

Posted by Gina Best on Wednesday, February 10, 2016