Apple and Dr. Dre are embarking on their first original series together, breaking new ground for both of them.

Multiple sources say the 50-year-old mogul is starring in and executive producing an upcoming television show, the first for Apple, called Vital Signs. The project has been greenly for six episodes and is rumored to be semi-autobiographical, with each episode examining different emotions and moments for Dr. Dre’s character.

Paul Hunter is also reportedly signed on to direct.

It remains unclear if the series will be distributed via Apple Music, the company’s subscription streaming site, or made available on Apple TV, the iTunes store or other Apple platforms. However, given Dre’s lucrative partnership with the company all these options seem likely.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, one of the episodes will feature an “extended orgy scene” and was filmed in the Hollywood Hills at a mansion there.

Insiders speculate the gritty half hour drama may be Apple’s first attempt to enter into the original programming arena currently dominated by Netflix and Amazon.