Lil Kim defends lightening skin in Instagram photo

Lil Kim took a picture with Kim Kardashian at the Yeezy 3 fashion show, and she has been hit with some serious backlash because of the filter she used on the photo, which made her skin look lighter.

Taking to Instagram to defend herself, Lil Kim had this to say:

“Uhunuh it’s a damn shame. The Lil Kim hate is a different type of hate.”

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“I lightened up the picture because I like when the makeup pops a little more and you can see the beauty of the makeup that @tasha_mack_mua did.”

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“Kim [Kardashian] wanted the picture to look a little darker, because that’s the way she liked it. Kim is my boo and I wanted to repost it but I saw it in a different way. Either way both pictures are completely gorgeous and are a matter of expression of preference of photography. IG is a way for people to express themselves and have fun through pictures and videos! And I love photography, on that note moving right along me and @mainohustlehard got that heat coming ???”

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