Bow Wow and Charlamagne Tha God. (Getty Images).

Shad ‘Bow Wow’ Moss had a bit of a slip-up while he was hosting the pre-Grammys show, and radio personality Charlamagne wasn’t about to let it slide.

“The donkey of the day for Tuesday, February 16, goes to Shad Moss,” Charlamagne said on the show. “Yes, I give Shad Moss a hard time and Shad Moss has won in life and will continue to win, but boy was this funny to me last night.”

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“Now, live TV is no joke,” he said. “Shad Moss was hosting the CBS pre-show at the 2016 Grammy Awards, and either Shad Moss don’t know, don’t show or literally didn’t care what time it was because he had one job. One! And that was to throw to the start of the Grammys when the clock struck zero.”

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However, as viewers who watched the pre-show know, Moss kept throwing it over to the Grammys before it was actually time to start.

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Moss shot back with an Instagram post calling out Charlamagne and thanking fans for their support: “Thanks to the grammys and my CBS family for allowing me to host. We powered through (even though time was off) and kept the show moving forward THATS whats separates professionals from beginners. I got so much love and positive feed back i appreciated. We back at again next year! 2017 grammy’s .Thanks c tha god for being my biggest fan. Next time you can buff shine my 2k burberry dress shoes for bleach cream and a proactive coupon.”