On Tuesday night, Killer Mike stirred up some controversy with his remarks about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her record on racial issues, and on Friday, he clarified his remarks on The View.

During a Bernie Sanders rally on Tuesday, Killer Mike said, referring to a conversation with activist and teacher Jane Elliot, “I talked to Jane Elliott a few weeks ago, and Jane said, ‘Michael, a uterus doesn’t qualify you to be president of the United States. You have to be — you have to have policy that’s reflective of social justice.'”

“This is what social justice is,” Mike explained. “If Black people were offered tomorrow every right that we have ever desired, at the cost of a woman’s right or a gay right or an immigrant’s right, I would say thank you, but no thank you…social justice is wanting for me what I want for all of you.”

As for Bernie Sanders, the presidential candidate thinks that the outrage over Killer Mike’s comments has been overblown.

“I think the media is blowing this thing up. What did Mike say? … Mike quoted an internationally known educator. That’s what Mike said,” Sanders told reporters on Thursday. “I think this is again gotcha media politics, which I think is being blown out of proportion. Frankly I think that’s what media does.”

Check out the full segment from The View, above.