New video footage has emerged of the moments leading up to the suspension of two Connecticut officers after one of the repeatedly threatened an unconscious man.

The officers, John Slepski and John Slezak, were detaining an unidentified man who they found unconscious on the side of the road.

Slepski can be heard immediately calling the man a “f*****g a**hole” and saying, “I think we oughta just f*****g pop him. I think we should just pop him.”

Slezak responded that the man was “fine” and “just wants a ride to the hospital.”

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“Yeah, I know,” Slepski responds. “F*****g douchebag.” The two then discuss using pepper spray on the man, though none was used, according to the footage.

Police Chief Jeffry Cossette was angered by the incident and ripped into Slepski in a disciplinary letter in which he called Slepski’s actions toward the unconscious man “disgraceful.”

“Your dehumanizing and demoralizing treatment of this citizen in need of medical attention sickens me,” Cossette wrote. “Your actions did not perpetuate the mission of the Meriden Police Department.”

He also addressed Slezak for his inaction, writing, “If a fellow officer is behaving in a demeaning and demoralizing way toward a citizen, you have a Duty to Act.”

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