The best and worst NBA number 1 draft picks of all time

Tonight, a NBA team will bank its future on the selection of an unproven talent. A single right call and a franchise can go from near the bottom of the conference’s standings to a championship contender. A wrong call, however, can send an organization on downward spiral that could easily last a decade.

In some ways, judging basketball talent in the NBA draft is like judging a Mr. Universe or Miss America contest: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Poke and prod at a contestant, and he might not resemble the archetypal body of Adonis; some will be a tad too muscular here or there and lack body symmetry.

Those are the misses in the first round of the NBA draft, which has had more of them than a T-ball player hitting against CC Sabathia.

Here’s a look at theGrio’s Top 10 hits and 10 misses in the NBA draft…