A Louisiana woman was caught on camera beating her child for not cleaning her room.

The woman, , is being held at the Franklin Parish Correctional Center. Franklin Parish Sheriff Kevin Cobb has launched a “criminal investigation of child abuse,” according to KNOE 8 News

The video surfaced when the woman’s ex-boyfriend, Deontavius Walker, threatened to show the video to the public if she did not pay him to keep quiet.

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It was Whitlock who ultimately first went to police.

“This initial complaint that she was making was that she had an ex-boyfriend making threats to her and that if she didn’t make payments to him…that he would release the video,” said Sheriff Cobb told KNOE 8 News.

When he didn’t get what he wanted, Walker released the video and also explained how Whitlock had told him over the phone what she planned to do.

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“She said that she was about to abuse her child and if I don’t see or hear from her after four [o’clock] then she’s in jail,” Walker said.

Whitlock showed the video to the sheriff when she filed her complaint against Walker, and Cobb was disturbed by what he saw.

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“It was quite alarming…quite concerning,” Sheriff Cobb said. “What happened with that was we were having a different conversation. Money was in play and after I had the video, Ms. Whitlock came forward with all this extra stuff which I didn’t know anything about,” Walker said, referring to charges now building against Walker for stalking and aggravated assault in addition to extortion.

Whitlock posted to her Facebook page Thursday afternoon, thanking friends and family for support: