Tisha Campbell is back with a new track, “Lazy B**** (This Ain’t Gina),” and the video for the song is causing waves.

In the video, Campbell starts out in the booth finishing up a song and then tries to stop producer/songwriter B Slade from playing the song when she comes back out to jam with her friends. But it turns out the song is a hit with the group.

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Campbell said that the song was based on a true story in which another woman became jealous of Campbell’s treatment on set.

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“This ain’t Gina, b*tch,” she raps over the B. Slade-produced beat. “Now I am what I am and she is what she is and she is my fetus do you know who we is?”

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“I can’t help that I’m nice to people and I can’t help that I’m professional and I like to have fun,” she explained about the meaning behind the song’s title.