Bill Maher calls Black Lives Matter activists ‘f***ing idiots for going after Hillary Clinton

Tell us how you really feel about Black Lives Matter, Bill Maher.

In a segment for his HBO show Real Time on Friday, Maher ripped BLM activists for disrupting a private Hillary Clinton event in South Carolina. In Maher’s opinion, the focus of the activist’s ‘ire’ should be on Donald Trump and other Republicans

“Does this [activist who interrupted Hillary] realize that Donald Trump in South Carolina … 20 percent of the voters who voted for Donald Trump disagree with the Emancipation Proclamation?” Maher said, clearly annoyed. “And this is who you’re going after? This is where we start the battle? You f***ing idiots!”

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Wednesday night, Ashley Williams held up a sign that said “We have to bring them to heel,” a reference to Clinton’s speech in 1996 which supported a federal crime bill that many say contributed to the mass incarceration of African-Americans.

In that speech, Clinton referred to members of youth gangs as “super-predators” who act without conscience and have no remorse for violent acts. Many saw the term as another example of racially coded language meant to specifically marginalize and alienate young minorities.

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Maher’s point is simple: Hillary is not the problem; Republicans like Donald Trump are. Maher said if BLM activists “tear down” Hillary Clinton, they can say “enjoy” President Trump.

Actor Mark Ruffalo, a guest on the panel, challenged Maher’s assertion that activists shouldn’t focus on the Democrats.

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“The party that is supposed to be for black people has let [black people] down continuously,” Ruffalo insisted.

Michael Eric Dyson also pushed back on the idea that black activists should only focus on Republicans or the GOP. The author and commentator said Black Lives Matter protests and “disruptions” have been “effective” and “forced a conversation” on issues that matter to African-Americans.