Chris Rock hosted the Oscars last night in the middle of a huge #OscarsSoWhite controversy, and comedian Kevin Hart had his back.

“I’m looking forward to my brother, Chris Rock,” he told “Extra’s” Mario Lopez on the red carpet.

Chris Rock Called Out Racism, Belitted #OscarsSoWhite Protesters

“As comedians, the one thing we do is support one another, I think the great ones all do, those that don’t, don’t necessarily fit into that fraternity, but within that fraternity you back one another.”

He then recounted how he persuaded Rock to take on the hosting gig.

Chris Rock Rewrites Oscars Monologue

“Everyone was telling Chris not to host or to boycott it, I told my brother do it, this is a stage, on the stage we have the ability to get your point across, you address an issue, but you do it in a Chris Rock way, that’s what he’s going to do and at the end of the day he will address the elephant in the room, you’ll laugh then you’ll think about it and years to come you’ll remember what he did.”

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“That’s what makes him amazing, that’s why I’m a supporter, that’s why I’m a friend, that’s why I’m proud to be in a fraternity of comedians who support one another, those who don’t get it don’t belong,” he added.