Melissa Harris-Perry takes to Twitter to spill tea on MSNBC and it’s scorching hot

The now former-MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry has broken her silence on her firing since the network released a statement saying that they have parted ways with her. Harris-Perry felt the network was trying to silence and take over her show after a series of pre-emptions for election season coverage.

In a series of tweets, Harris-Perry went after the cable news network’s lack of diversity and its bosses.

-MSNBC Is Tone-Deaf For “Silencing” Melissa Harris-Perry

The tweet started with a reference to failed “negotations” she was having with the network. The talks were likely for her release from her contract with MSNBC.

She then offered an apology to other former diverse MSNBC talent who were booted off the air by the network.

She then turned her attention to MSNBC’s president Phil Griffin and its SVP and senior editor Yvette Miley, implying they had something to do with her email to staff leaking to the press. In that scathing email, she claimed that the show’s editorial direction had been “taken” from her and that she refused to be a “mammie” for the network.

-Melissa Harris-Perry Walks Off Her Own Show: “I Will Not Be MSNBC’s Tool”

She then accused MSNBC of trying to silence her with a payout and potential non-disclosure agreement.

Harris-Perry spoke to devoted followers of her show who affectionately call themselves #Nerdland.

Harris-Perry then posted a chart showing the contribution her show made to diversity on cable news while taking another shot at her former bosses.

However, she ended it teasing MSNBC’s obsession with wall-to-wall coverage of the GOP’s leading presidential candidate Donald Trump, borrowing from his “Make America Great Again” slogan.