Stripper bashes ‘SNL’ actor Tim Meadows for cheating, treating her like jump off

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A woman who goes by Lynsie Lee on Twitter is taking former Saturday Night Live cast member Tim Meadow to task for not only dropping her without warning after three months of dating but also for cheating on her on Valentine’s Day.

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She took to Twitter to post photos of the two of them together to prove that they had a relationship as she roasted him for his bad relationship behavior.

“Dated Tim Meadows for 3 months. last week he cheated and then just stopped talking to me. no apology. no goodbye,” she tweeted. “like what the hell. he seriously told me he loved me and still wanted to be together and then never talked to me again. so strange.”

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“He cheated on me on Valentine’s Day you guys. like who does that? he’s not a ladies man he’s a coward.”

She also responded to some of the haters who dared to suggest that she had done something to deserve this kind of treatment: “The responses to my bf cheating on me are terrible. so far I deserved it because I’m white, I’m a stripper and it’s black history month..smh.”

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She later announced that Meadows had blocked her on Twitter before figuratively shrugging it off and announcing her newfound singleness.

Lee also made news in 2013 when she exchanged direct messages on Twitter with then Newark mayor Corey Booker.