Angela Bassett had never kissed a woman before filming sex scenes with Lady Gaga on American Horror Story, but it looks like both she and her husband enjoyed it.

Bassett described Lady Gaga as “a good kisser… I’m an actress and professional; you have to dive into in the moment. But before, you’re like, ‘Oh my god, I’ve just met her, she’s a superstar.’ But she’s the nicest person, she is warm, she is gracious, she’s funny. She makes everybody feel comfortable, she’s comfortable with herself, so no one’s tripping — except for me.”

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Bassett also admitted that she “forgot” to tell her husband about the scene until the night it aired, and it sounds like he enjoyed the surprise.

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“What does your husband say when you come home from work and say, ‘I just did a sex scene with Lady Gaga’?” host Conan O’Brien asked. “Was he cool with it?”

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“I just, you know, waited until the night [the episode aired] and said, ‘Come on, I want you to see something!’ … And so I’m showing it, and I have the remote and he’s like, ‘Woah, woah, woah, what’s about to happen?!’ I was like, ‘Well pause! What’s going on with you, are you going to be all right?’ ” she explained, laughing. “I just eased him into it.”