Drinking coffee while black: Ohio cop slams black pedestrian into wall

A black man who was walking down an Ohio street drinking coffee filmed a police officer stalking him leading up to a confrontation that ended when the man was face-down and in handcuffs.

“This is what we have to go through in Cincinnati,” 29-year-old Charles Harrell said in the video.

“You can’t be a black man and enjoy your morning, because the police are going to harass you in Cincinnati, Ohio,” Harrell explained. “Walking down the street, the cop just asked me if I have a problem.”

The officer told Harrell that he had crossed against the light on the deserted street.

“Sir, you were scaring me, sir. I don’t know why were following me, anyway,” Harrell replied. “You were following me all the way down the street.”

When Harrell offered to show the officer, identified as Baron Osterman, his ID, Osterman said “don’t reach around.”

Harrell was then told to put his hands behind his back, and a scuffle followed in which Harrell was slammed against the wall and then pulled to the ground. The video continued to be recorded even after the phone had fallen between the officer’s legs.

Harrell was arrested for a pedestrian violation, resisting arrest and a small amount of marijuana that was found on him.