Nellie Ruth Gunn, mother of Gregory Gunn, who was killed after being shot by a Montgomery, Alabama, police officer, wants the officer who shot her son to come to his funeral.

“I want (the officer) to go to church with me,” she said. “If it can’t be done, then well done and well good. But God knows and heaven knows.”

Officer Aaron “A.C.” Smith may face a complication in getting to the funeral, however, since he has been arrested on suspicion of murder less than a week after the shooting took place.

Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey said in a news conference on Wednesday that his office, along with theĀ Alabama State Bureau of Investigation, found “probable cause … to make an arrest.”

“As district attorney, I will do everything in my power to protect a police officer who is operating within the law,” Bailey said. “I will also use every ounce of my power to prosecute a police officer who is acting outside the law.”

Bailey pointed out that Smith, 23, is innocent until proven guilty, but for Gunn’s family, the swift and decisive action is a move in the right direction for justice to be served.

“I’m pretty sure my uncle is smiling down that justice has been served,” Aaryn Jordan told WSFA. “Right is right, and wrong is wrong.”