BLM protesters violently thrown out of Trump rally in New Orleans

During a Donald Trump rally in New Orleans on Friday, Black Lives Matter protesters were violently ejected from the event.

People at the rally yelled “all lives matter” at the protesters were physically removed by Trump’s security presence.

“Secret service and Trump’s security team were part of that crew, but so were civilians, who were allowed to push, kick and shove the protesters,” reported freelance reporter Amy K. Nelson, who captured video of the incident.

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“I personally witnessed a black woman, a white woman and Asian man get shoved down to the ground (they were not falling on purpose like one reporter claimed),” she said. “The crowd was chanting ‘All Lives Matter!’ and the protesters were fighting back against the civilians who were putting their hands on them. It was state sanctioned by the cops and security. A free-for-all, essentially. It was distressing.”

“I’m told that the cops shut down the street around 5 p.m., an hour before rally started),” Nelson added. “A group of people ran through to walk up the street to at least get outside the venue. They wouldn’t let many of the protesters into the venue itself, saying they were at capacity, which just wasn’t true. There was a second line there. They played music and protested and after the rally many protesters stood right outside the exit. Trump supporters were antagonistic and it was very vile. They got into it, on both sides. I’m very surprised it didn’t result in more violence. This is a powder keg.”

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