Don Lemon asks Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders about their ‘racial blindspots’

During Sunday’s CNN Democratic presidential debate, Don Lemon leveled the race question at both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but with a new twist: He asked them what their “racial blindspots” were.

Clinton said, “Being a white person in the United States, I know that I’ve never had the experience that so many of the people in this audience have had.”

She also added that she would “urge white people” to examine what it means that black families must talk to their kids about why they often get in trouble “for no good reason whatsoever.”

Sanders told stories of his peers who could not catch cabs as well as a story about a #BlackLivesMatter activist who said he could not understand how “terrorized” certain communities felt. “When you’re white,” he added, “you don’t know what it’s like.”