Karrine Steffans: Oprah and Maya Angelou were ‘hoes,’ but past shouldn’t define success

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Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans called both Oprah and Maya Angelou ‘sluts,’ in an attempt to point out a double standard, she said.

The whole thing started when Steffans was responding to a rude fan who told her: “I look up to Oprah. I want to be a woman like Oprah not you. Everything you do is tasteless.”

Steffans clapped back with: “@Oprah was a hoe. She was promiscuous after her rape, admittedly. Same story. More money doesn’t erase truth.”

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But then she went on to explain herself in a series of tweets: “Oprah was promiscuous. Maya Angelou was a prostitute. A woman’s sexual organs, their functions or reputation will never define or stop her. You revere great women but give no credit to their sexual traumas and repercussions for making them stronger, better, wiser women. Take a long, hard look at our strong, honorable black women and see how their sex plays a part in their stories. These women are the best proof that where we start isn’t always how we end up and that sexual pasts have nothing to do with worth & purpose.”

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