Mathew Knowles: ‘Police boycotting Beyoncé is ridiculous’

Mathew Knowles talks about his new girl group Blushhh Music, and discusses Beyoncé's 'Formation Tour'...

Mathew Knowles is ready for the world to meet his harmonically blended hip-hop and R&B trio, Blushhh Music.

Comprised of two rappers and one vocalist, Sunnie, Tali, and Bunnie Ray deliver hip-hop with a taste of R&B.

Knowles compares the group to TLC, Salt-N-Peppa, and yes, Destiny’s Child. However, he’s quick to point out Blushhh Music can’t replace DC3.

“Nobody can replace Destiny’s Child, let’s make that very clear,” Knowles said in an interview with theGrio. “They’re the number one selling female group in the history of music. We’d be foolish to even try to compare Blushhh Music to Destiny’s Child.”


Knowles is best known for launching Destiny’s Child, the Grammy-winning group that propelled his daughter to stardom in the late 1990s. He continued working with Beyoncé throughout her career as a solo artist, overseeing every aspect of her image, including movies and fashion until 2011.

Mathew Knowles Discusses Destiny’s Child’s Future

Knowles says that he hasn’t had a chance to see Beyoncé’s video for her latest single “Formation,” but he took a moment to weigh in on his daughter’s widely-discussed Super Bowl performance, which he did watch.

“It was an interesting performance,” Knowles said. “I look at it from the role of a parent today. When I see Beyonce perform, I don’t look at it from the role of a manager. From a role of a parent, I’m proud of what she has accomplished, and I’m proud of her performance.”

Backlash against Beyoncé started almost immediately after the release of her “Formation” music video and Super Bowl 50 halftime show performance in February.

Critics have objected to the #BlackLivesMatter themes in both, and specifically to her backup dancers at the halftime show wearing Black Panther-like costumes.

Knowles sounded off on reports of several police unions across the country planning to boycott Beyoncé’s upcoming Formation world tour, which kicks off next month in Florida.

“It doesn’t work the way the general public thinks. A promoter promotes the show, and a promoter rents the venue, and the venue provides the security,” he explained.

“Police boycotting Beyoncé is ridiculous,” Knowles said. “The venue buys the security. Every artist has their own personal security. Beyoncé has the same personal security that she’s had for over 10 years. Nobody’s asking what the city or the [police] union cares. The venue gets the security. It doesn’t even work like that. That’s just ridiculous.”

Miami Police Boycotting Beyoncé Concert Due to ‘Anti-Police’ Message


Knowles later presented a challenge to Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland, who next month is launching a BET series, Chasing Destiny, to find the next big girl group.

“I have to remind Kelly that she’s the student and I’m the teacher,” Knowles joked. “I’m happy and excited for her that she’s putting together a girl group. No one has really been able to get it right. A lot of major labels have tried, but they don’t know the formula. I know the formula.”

Kelly Rowland Lands New BET Show

“Kelly Rowland, whoever you put together. I want to come on with my girls, Blushhh Music, and we are going to blow your group away,” Knowles said as a challenge to Rowland. “We are going to chase destiny all over LA.”

Blushhh Music’s debut single and video will be released in the next two weeks, and the group will be performing two shows at South By Southwest this weekend. Look for their album to be released in June.

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