Lisa Raye admits she got Stacey Dash fired in new promo

Lisa Raye has admitted to getting Stacey Dash fired in a new promo for her show, an allegation she had previously denied.

“In Hollywood, I’ve learned to be a boss,” she said in the new teaser for Centric.

“I had to say to Stacey Dash, ‘If you don’t get your mother******* finger out of my face…'” she said, then continued, “So for our second season of ‘Single Ladies,’ there was a replacement.”

Previously, Raye had taken the high road talking about Dash, who used to play her best friend. In a previous interview, she said, “Believe me I wish things had worked out because I thought Stacey and I were great together. She was my age and we were working it. It was sex-symbol to sex-symbol. But she didn’t want to be there. I was disappointed about that. She had some issues. I’m not sure exactly what those issues were. In the end, she and VH1 made a decision.”

She added, “Yes, there was a disagreement over a scene. And it really wasn’t with me. It was with the director. I think it was about 2 or 3AM and we’d been shooting all damn day. Stacey tried to argue with the director about a line. And I’m like: ‘Girl, if you don’t say what the director wants you to say.’ It wasn’t that serious at first, but it went there.”

“It’s a bunch of women on the set. We might all be on our damn period at any given point. I just wanted us to move forward. Then the argument took on a life of its own. The show decided to use it for publicity. They just ran with it.”

Check out the clip below.

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Posted by BET Her TV on Friday, March 11, 2016