Sally Field believes that women in Hollywood have African-American men to thank for broadening the discussion on diversity in Hollywood and for opening the doors for discussion about other issues such as the gender pay divide.

Halle Berry Finds Diversity In Hollywood ‘Heartbreaking’

“There’s a huge conversation about diversity happening across the boards – which is what it always should have been – that has to do with colour and race and gender preferences and men and women,” she said. “I think perhaps the fact it’s not just women now, that there’s others involved … I have to say, honestly, the fact men are involved. Thank God for African American men. You go, boys! We’re right behind you,” she said in a BuzzFeed interview.

Chris Rock Addresses #OscarsSoWhite During Monologue

“Because the women would still be shut out. It’s sad but true. If it were just Jen Lawrence and Amy Schumer – bless their beautiful, talented hearts – they would be shut out. I know it. It would be, ‘Oh, poor little rich girl.’ You know? So I’m standing right behind Beasts of No Nation. I’m with them. Maybe that’s because of my generation of women, who kind of went, ‘I already feel beat up, so I am accepting it.’ I [didn’t] head right towards them and say, ‘Ef you and the horse you rode in on.’ Which, you know, might not have been a bad idea.”

Jada Pinkett Responds to Chris Rock’s Oscar Jokes