Ashanti’s stalker grills singer in court during sexually-charged cross-examination

Ashanti has endured the drama of court proceedings over her alleged stalker for three years- and it just won’t end.

In a strange series of events, the accused stalker, Devar Hurd, got to cross-examine the singer during court on Wednesday because he’s representing himself legally.  The last court proceeding in 2009 ended in a mistrial when a juror got sick.

According to TMZ, Hurd began by reading sexually explicit tweets that he had sent to Ashanti, which included: “eating p**** from the back tastes better from a flight to Russia” and “wrap your thick ass thighs and legs around my shoulders and neck and palm my head and put my mouth on your tight p****.”

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Hurd asked if she had seen the tweet about the flight to Russia and Ashanti replied, “I saw the disgusting tweet and was insulted.”

“Why didn’t you tell me to stop or block me?” he responded. Hurd then suggested that he and Ashanti had a sexual relationship, saying, “I know how you are when it comes to our sex life … us f****** is very emotional on both ends.”

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Hurd also grilled Ashanti about the way she dances during her concerts, saying, “You do lap dances for your performances, correct?” He then added, “I don’t have a problem with it, I’m just saying.”

The New York Daily News reports both Ashanti’s mother, Tina Douglas, and sister, Kenashia Douglas, appeared in court as witnesses to testify.   Ashanti’s sister unknowingly took a photo with Devar Hurd at an event, despite active orders of protection against him.

Ashanti took a moment during the cross-examination to address Hurd directly and pleaded with him to stop.

“I wish you to stop,” she said. “I just wish you to stop.”

“Ya’ll twisted and two-faced,” Hurd yelled out during the proceedings. “This will never happen again, believe that!”

Hurd has been in jail since 2013 and could face up to 4 years in prison.

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