Nick Cannon drops diss track seemingly all about Mariah Carey: ‘Our relationship was a lie’

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Mariah Carey might be moving on and engaged to billionaire James Packer, but it looks like Nick Cannon isn’t quite ready to let it go.

Cannon recently dropped a diss track that definitely seems to be all about Carey. The track, called “Oh Well,” doesn’t ever mention Carey by name, but it gets personal everywhere else.

Nick Cannon responds to Mariah’s engagement

“All you needed was a n—- with the money, cars and cribs,” he raps.

“I still feel bitter about it,” he continues in the song. “You leaving the house. You f—ing that n—-, giving me a reason to bounce. Oh well.”

Nick Cannon swears off marriage after Mariah divorce

He continues to get personal about their love life, rapping, “Do you remember that one night when neither one of us would act right? And sleeping together just didn’t feel right? People on TV be happy but this is real life. You know you be wrong, but I should chill, right?”

He calls her out on his finances, too:  “She didn’t like when I was broke, but she missed the old me. Wait, girl – you got me confused.”

Nick Cannon files for divorce from Mariah Carey

Near the end of the track, he goes in for the kill, saying the whole thing was a “lie”: “Baby girl, don’t cry. I won’t lie. Our relationship was a lie, but baby some die. I guess we parted, that’s all. Oh well.”