Ice-T talks revisiting fatherhood with newborn baby at 58-years-old

On Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the real star was Ice-T’s four-month old daughter, Chanel.

“Muhammad Ali said when you have a baby in the second half of your life — you know I’m in my fifties — it’s like you want to hit a restart button on your life,” Ice-T gushed. “All of a sudden, I’m like ‘Ice, you’ve got to stay healthy, you’ve got to stay in the game.’ It’s just a beautiful thing.”

Ice T opens up about fatherhood

When Fallon asked if Ice-T had brought any pictures of Chanel to share with the audience, Ice-T replied, “I did something better than that. I brought the baby. Coco and the baby are here.”

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Baby Chanel then made her first ever public appearance, which she slept through after the Roots lulled her to sleep, and she was every bit as adorable as you would imagine, dressed in pink with a flowery headband.

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“She’s a little model,” Coco exclaimed. “I’ve got the camera in her face at all times at this point. She poses, she moves her eyes and looks at the camera. She’s going to be awesome in five years.”

The adorable family even got a selfie with Fallon during the show for a family keepsake.