Ice Cube and Common reveal how they squashed their feud

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Ice Cube and Common might have had a beef once, but they are saying now that the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding.

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The two are now starring in Barbershop: The Next Cut and also released a track called “Real People,” which celebrates black people coming together in piece and love.

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The track features lyrics like this:

“It’s a good a day when it’s me and O’Shea
It’s like the times we cheered for O.J.
I say Mike, you say Ko-be
But ain’t no more beef, I put that on Chief…
Glad Farrakan prepared us to meet
Now me and bro bringing meals to the meek”

Ice Cube said that the chance to record was a chance to “elevate.”

Ice Cube sounds off on ‘Compton’ snubs

“We were always fans of each other from afar,” Ice Cube told Complex. “Our beef was over a misunderstanding. It was cool for us to sit down, talk to each other, and work that out as men.”

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