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Katt Williams said that he sucker-punched a 17-year-old boy in order to teach him a lesson about the dangers of trash talk.

He claimed that the teen, Luke Wash, approached him after a soccer game that Wash’s team lost and started to talk trash. “He says some slick s–t. And I say, ‘Hey, you know y’all can’t win this game so why would you say f–k me?’ And he said, ‘Well, what are you gonna do about it?’” Williams recounted.

He then said that he punched the teen to show Wash that “a n—- that can hit you is also a n—- that can pull out a gun and blow your motherf–king brains out.”

Katt Williams reportedly beaten up by teen

“Why would you put yourself in that position just because you lost a soccer game?” he said.

“Even though we’re the same size, you’re a little boy; I’m a grown-a– man,” Williams said. “I just want you to have a bloody mouth so you can have that lesson later — that that’s what happens when you say slick s–t to grown a– men.”

He also said that he did not realize Wash was 17 years old.

“The n—- was smoking a cigarette like me, n—- was tall as me, and me and him was the only people on the soccer courts that was cussin’,” Williams explained.

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