Baptist minister Rickey Moore wants to celebrate Easter by reenacting the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The minister planned to bury himself in a coffin until Easter, with the “burial” taking place at 3 p.m. on Good Friday. Then, he planned to stay sealed up until 3 a.m. Easter Sunday.

Moore dressed the part in robes and a crown of thorns, even with wounds drawn in the palm of his hands.

When the project was announced, there was a decidedly negative backlash against it online, with many people wondering if the event was sacrilegious or even self-promoting. The questions only gained traction with Moore switched from a coffin to a makeshift tent for the event, though Moore insisted that the move was not made because of the backlash.

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“I’m not a quack or somebody who’s crazy,” Moore said. “I’m just trying to draw attention and remind people of the true meaning of what this weekend is all about.”

In addressing the backlash, Moore went on, “You try to do something and people talk about you criticize you, and [they] try to turn it into something ugly.”

“You know, when people talk about people, you never know what somebody’s going through. So with Sunrise, we’re here to stick by his side through whatever would happen,” Moore’s niece and congregation member La’Myracle Lawrence said.

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