'Omarosa Stop!': Don Lemon loses his cool during CNN segment on Trump

CNN's Don Lemon had apparently had enough of people not answering his question.

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CNN’s Don Lemon had apparently had enough of people not answering his question.

During a news segment on Donald Trump’s recent attacks on Heidi Cruz, Lemon was trying to get Trump supporter Omarosa to answer a question about the tweet Trump had posted insulting Heidi Cruz’s appearance.

“I don’t think we should start there,” Omarosa said and tried to steer the conversation in the direction of the Super PAC that ran an ad featuring a nude Melania Trump.

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Lemon interrupted her and said, “I’m not gonna let you do that. Omarosa, stop!”

But Omarosa kept talking, and Lemon lost his cool. “Cut the mic, everybody. We’re not doing that. I want everyone on this panel to answer the question directly,” he said.

When Omarosa objected to the rule, Lemon cut to commercial.

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When the panel returned from commercial, Lemon again asked about the Twitter feud between the two presidential candidates.

Omarosa then tried to object that, in the wake of the Brussels attacks, there were other news stories to focus on, to which Lemon replied, “We wouldn’t be talking about it if your candidate had not put it out there.”

Finally, Omarosa, after wrongly complaining that no one was covering Trump’s comments on Brussels, addressed the issue, saying Trump did not owe anyone an apology “for defending his wife.”

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