Teen killed in videotaped after-school brawl, 9 face murder charges

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A teenager was killed during an after-school brawl in Georgia, and the whole thing was caught on video.

The two-minute video begins with two girls in a fist fight being cheered on by people around them. The fight escalates as the two fall to the ground, and then more people, including some adults, join in, with some wielding bats and pipes. At one point, a black car drives toward the fray, targeting two young men, though the car misses its targets and backs up on the lawn before striking another vehicle.

In the course of the fight, an 18-year-old boy, Demajhay Bell, suffered a major injury after he was stabbed in the neck, and he died two days later.

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The sheriff in Richmond County, saying that anyone who participates in a felony that results in the loss of life can be charged with murder, is now accusing 9 people, including 6 who are still in high school, of murder because of the incident.

“Every person who was involved in this type of foolish behavior are going to be charged with the most severe crime that we can possibly charge them with,” Sheriff Richard Roundtree told WRDW.

“That drama that happens in high school, and everybody has gone through it,” the sheriff told WRDW. “But when the adults get involved, that’s always a bad thing.”

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Check out how Bell’s loved ones are coping with their loss below.