Artist creates incredible paintings with her feet and mouth

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Alana Ciena Tillman was born unable to use the muscles in her hands, but she was not about to let that stop her from becoming a painter.

Instead, she decided to use her feet and her mouth in order to paint her beautiful works of art.

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“I’ve been painting since I was 5,” Tillman told Mashable. “Painting by mouth came naturally. I was born this way so it was logical to put a pencil or pen in my mouth to write my name or draw. So painting came shortly after.”

Tillman is able to paint a variety of subjects, including landscapes and people as well as animals. “I’m inspired by food, nature, landscapes,” she said. “I just try to manipulate those subjects in interesting ways, whether it’s with color, style or painting technique. My style Is a mix of impressionism, abstract and urban.”

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Tillman is a member of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of America. The organization seeks to help artists who use their mouths and feet to create art because of accidents or birth defects, and their support has allowed Tillman to realize her dream despite the obstacles facing her.

“People usually say, ‘Wow, I can use my hands and can’t even draw,'” she said. “I think people are inspired seeing someone overcome adversities. It’s kinda like, what’s your excuse?”

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