Neyo and wife Crystal Renay (Getty images) and Crystal Rene via Instagram.

On March 16, Ne-Yo’s wife, Crystal Renay, gave birth to Shaffer Smith Jr. Not very long after that, she was already posting pictures of her post-baby body, but it was the pictures of Renay and Eva Marcille partying out on the town that raised fans’ hackles.

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Apparently, people weren’t too pleased about Renay’s decision to get out and party so soon after giving birth, even calling her a “thot” for going out on the town with a week-old baby at home.

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But Ne-Yo shot back at the haters with an Instagram post in which he went off in the comments about the “miserable” “haters” who can’t “juggle their baby mamas and baby daddy’s.”

“I don’t tell you how to juggle your baby mama’s or baby daddy’s. I don’t judge the stupid things you’ve done (and in most cases are still doing) with your lives,” Ne-Yo wrote.

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Check out the epic rant below:

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