Ayesha Curry lands Food Network cooking show, Twitter reacts

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NBA star Stephen Curry’s wife, Ayesha Curry, is set to host her own cooking show on the Food Network.

The show, which will be called At Home with Ayesha, is part of the network’s attempt to reach younger and new audiences with the draw of celebrity names and faces.

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Previously, Ayesha Curry worked on a show called Cookin’ with the Currys, which reached viewers through CSN Bay Area and which even occasionally featured appearances from the always-adorable Riley Curry. We’re hoping that means her new cooking show will feature the same adorable guest star.

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Additionally, Ayesha Curry has her own lifestyle blog, and the blog has been supremely popular.

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Folks on social media are hating just a bit on the news of Ayesha’s new cooking show.

Checkout some of the memes floating around in the Twittersphere.