K. Michelle breaks down during interview, says she hasn't slept in two weeks

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K.Michelle hasn’t been sleeping, and it’s starting to take its toll on her.

In an emotional interview with Sway Calloway on Shade 45, the star broke down and admitted that she had hardly slept in the last two weeks. She also said she was taking uppers and downers from her doctor in order to get by.

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She tearfully admitted that she knew things were bad because she was forgetting to eat and sleep, and she knew that she needed to change something in order to get herself back to a healthy place, but she felt so much pressure to get everything done.

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“It’s just no time.  There’s never enough time.  Everything is just on you. You have so many people depending on you and you can’t even breathe.  No one asks if you’re ok.  Everybody wants money, everybody wants something.  Nobody is just there to be there.  It’s always something every day.  People not doing their jobs.  You gotta take the slack for them not doing their jobs.  Because then it’s like, K. Michelle didn’t do it… When can you possibly sleep when you can’t be just an artist?  I don’t have that liberty….I do everything,” she said.