Tia Mowry completely shuts down fat shamer on Instagram

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Tia Mowry wasn’t about to stand for it when an Instagram user commented on one of her pictures Tuesday to let her know that she was “getting fat.”

“I took a look at your profile and I was sad to see that you WORK for YOUNG African American girls aiding in their studies,” she wrote on Instagra in a post addressing the fat shamer. “I hope this isn’t what you would tell your girls? Does your BOSS know that this is how you degrade other WOMEN?” Mowry then continued to state that she only called out the social media user to “prove a point.”

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“Again I’m shining a light on this issue hoping to see change. Love and uplift!” she said. “This is not just about me getting called fat. This isn’t just about me. I could care less! Im standing up for the people that like to hide behind computers cyber bullying calling many gay, skinny, slut, ugly, fat, the list foes on and on. Cyber bullying needs to stop!”

This is not the first time Mowry has had to defend herself against fat shamers. During a December interview, Mowry said body shaming needs to stop, after many fans suggested that she was pregnant again due to her slight weight gain.

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“I am not pregnant, I am just happy. I’ve gained these extra 10 [or] 15 pounds because of my cooking show,” she said during an interview with HuffPost Live. “I’m just enjoying life, and when I want to drop the pounds, I will, but right now I’m happy with who I am.”

She continued to say that she was offended by the shaming going on online.

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“But it is a form of body shaming, I will say that, and it’s pretty unfortunate … we live in a society that is so obsessed with being perfect … why can’t we just be us?”

“We need to be more supportive with body images, especially with women, showing that all sizes are beautiful,” said Mowry.