'Watch the Stove': Hamburger Helper's 'shockingly great' April Fool's mixtape goes viral

On April Fool's Day, Hamburger Helper released "Watch the Stove," a silly joke take on Kanye West and Jay Z’s “Watch the Throne.” And now, it's a viral success.

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On April Fool’s Day, Hamburger Helper released “Watch the Stove,” a silly joke take on Kanye West and Jay Z’s “Watch the Throne.” And now, it’s a viral success.

With lines like “I was whipping up a bowl/ I just came back from the store/ five-star restaurant at home” and “Boy I got too many flavors, you mighta thought it was catered,” the song had over 427,000 plays by Friday evenings and is enjoying immense viral success, with even Billboard calling it “shockingly great.”

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Asked about the strange ad campaign,  General Mills’s Liana Miller told Bloomberg, “We always think of the mom crowd. But on Twitter, our following is a young, urban, millennial guy making Hamburger Helper in his dorm room.”

Check out the song below!

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