Lalah Hathaway blasted for wearing Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity hat

Lalah Hathaway found herself in trouble with some Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity members when she posted an image of herself wearing an Alpha hat.

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Lalah Hathaway found herself in trouble with some Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity members when she posted an image of herself wearing an Alpha hat.

Hathaway wore the hat as a tribute to her father, Donny Hathaway, who became an Alpha pledge in the 1960s at Howard University. But members of the fraternity said that she did not have the right to wear the gear.

“I’m sorry Lalah, but this isn’t yours to choose to wear,” one commenter wrote on Instagram. “Bro. Hathaway belonged to a fraternity, something we all took oaths to uphold, and regardless of anyone’s connection to it, if you’re not a member, you don’t have a right to the privileges.”

“That’s not (respect,) that’s not what u do. Send a shout out or happy founders day. Wearing their gear is disrespectful #facts,” said another.

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“If she truly didn’t think this was wrong and against A Phi A protocol she should now respect their organization and delete the picture, a commenter added. “People don’t get to make rules for organizations in which they hold no membership whatsoever. There are other ways of honoring her father’s dedication to Alpha.”

But fans rushed to Hathaway’s defense, with one especially shrewd commenter pointing out that it was absurd to get mad at her for breaking rules she didn’t even know existed.

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“What gets me is these rules and rituals are so G 14 classified to those who aren’t apart of the organization, yet they get all butt hurt when someone unknowingly does something they considered a no no,” the commenter wrote. “Quite the paradox huh? Basically these brothers are hollering ‘You should know better about our secret rules!!!’ …smh.”

Another supporter said there are more important things folks should be focusing on besides what Hathaway decides to wear on her head.

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“We should be as angry about the injustice and atrocities that are still going on in our communities. It is so easy to flex on the blk woman. We are not your enemy fellas. @lalahhathaway this is a beautiful pic.”