Chris Brown throws some more shade Tinashe’s way

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

After Chris Brown told singer Kehlani to “stop flexing for the Gram” when she posted publicly about her suicide attempt, Tinashe unfollowed him on Twitter.

Of course, Breezy noticed. He ripped the 23-year-old, saying she’s the one that wanted him on her record – not the other way around:

Notice that I’m not the one asking to get on anyone’s record

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Tinashe then said Brown was being “petty” and that his digs were “unnecessary” in an interview with KMEL’s Shay Diddy:

It’s not even worth it, it’s not a big deal to me. I don’t think that follows on Twitter are a big deal. If I see him, I would love to speak to him. I would love if he would reach out. I have absolutely nothing against him. We’re on good terms, as far as I knew.

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You know Brown couldn’t just let it go. He caught wind of Tinashe’s comments and decided to reply, skewering the singer in a typical immature Brown fashion:

I hope she talked about ‘HER’ career for most of this interview ‘WHOISHAE’ TINASHAE. I hope they rehearsing for those performance (power 106 charity basketball game halftime show) give her credit though, 30 16 year old hobbit face ass. WE WANT MUSIC, WE WANT MUSIC, WE WANT MUSIC!! TEACH ME HOW TO JERK FACE A**.”

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Brown’s post has since been deleted. Here’s hoping the social media back and forth is deleted from our memories ASAP.